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Welcome back to Weir Comfees. We appreciate you stopping by and reading through our new Comfee News section. Below are some quick tidbits we know you have been curious about since we relaunched last week. In the future, this section will be used for updating you on policy changes, posting informative articles, news about sales or product line changes and anything else we think might be of interest to you. We hope after reading through this post, you will take a look around the site and check out our product line. Also, please give us a bookmark, so you can check back often to stay up to date on the happenings here at Weir Comfees. We look forward to serving you all again and wish a hearty welcome to our new visitors!

Where is the Underwear? Good first question! In the past 9 months we have had two major runs on underwear. We currently do not have the production capacity to keep up with the time delays these items typically create. Also, we have decided that apart from a couple of items, much of the lines will be redesigned. We will not change the functionality of the product. But, some of the designs will be updated as they have not been in nearly a decade. Boxer Briefs and Boxer Shorts will likely be unchanged and should return by the Fall. The rest of the updated lines will follow by no later than January, 2019.

Clearance Sale: As some of you have seen already, there is a Clearance section with the remaining unsold items from before we shut down. There are some great, brand new, top quality products including Boxer Briefs, Boxer Shorts, Body Wraps and Pouch Covers among others in there at HUGE discounts. The site can be found here or by following the link at the bottom of the Home Page.

Comfee Cash: Our rewards program, Comfee Cash, will be back very soon offering 1 Comfee Cash dollar for every $20 spent in store (not including shipping or taxes). You will then be able to use your saved Comfee Cash on future purchases for additional discounts… even on sale items!