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I want to use this post to mention a few items, but first we should address the Underwear situation.

As some of you may have noticed, Boxer Briefs and Boxer Shorts have returned to the product line. These items are the first to be brought back and will be followed by Snuggies and all Women’s Underwear the final week of August in preparation for the Fall Season.

What About The Updated Product Lines?

Good question! The Fall line will be the same as our previous incarnations. Our goal is a 2019 release of an updated design on the Women’s line. As the Men just had the Boxer Brief introduced within the last 18 months, they will likely stay the same.

What Is Comfee Cash?

Comfee Cash is our rewards program for being a loyal customer. You get points for signing up for the Newsletter, making purchases and many other things on our site which are converted into Comfee Cash. Once in Comfee Cash form they can be used at checkout to lower the cost of your order! It can even be combined with sale prices on some occasions for added discounts!

The Travel Certificate

At the bottom of our site, just below the Hernia Measurement Guide is a new Travel Certificate. This will be helpful to those who plan on flying. It provides the airline and security at airports with much needed information about your condition and the supplies you may be traveling with and their importance to your well being. If you wish to download the document, you may do so by clicking the link at the bottom of the main page labelled Travel Certificate.