Stay Dry Pro Pump

Stay Dry Pro Pump

Stay Dry


Waterproof Ostomy Protection with Patented Vacuum Seal

What is the Stay Dry Pro-Pump? It is a patented vacuum-sealed completely waterproof cover. It gives you your quality of life back. We save vacations, summers and sanity! Go ahead Get Wet...Stay Dry.

GET WET... STAY DRY! It is so completely and totally waterproof, between the waterproof latex and the vacuum seal, that you can even dive off a diving board or ride the ocean waves and still have a wound on the torso or stoma/pouching system stay completely dry.

The Stay Dry Pro-Pump cover fits snugly yet comfortably against the skin offering protection while showering, bathing, swimming or any other water activity. Unlike "the plastic bag" system the protection offered from the Stay Dry Pro-Pump is unmatched, it cannot slip off. You can't even pull it off!

Allows Post-Operative Protection for Wounds on the Torso - The Stay Dry Pro-Pump is also used for keeping some wounds and dressings on the torso dry while bathing or showering.

The Stay Dry Pro-Pump is rugged. Our protector cover is made of durable high quality surgical latex. The Pump not only creates the patented vacuum seal but also works as a gauge showing that the vacuum is intact and cannot leak. Unlike anything else out there, you can use it with complete confidence

- Please note, when measuring for exact size please measure around the torso at the stoma, not across the stoma

- Most important the Ostomy Stay Dry Pro Pump must fit snugly

- Protect Insulin Pump and Dialysis attachment in the shower, Hot Tub and swimming

- Like many products some odd body shapes or deep scars will prevent you from obtaining a seal

- This product is for a single Ostomy only


Questions, Comments or Concerns

If any of this is confusing, feel free to email us at and we will be happy to explain anything further to ensure you get the best fit possible.