10" - 12" Belts

10" - 12" Belts

Weir Comfees


The Weir Comfees Hernia Support is a specially designed belt that can accommodate a stoma while providing exceptional stabilization for your hernia.

Made with Soft Elastic; an update to the original Weir Comfees belt that reduces skin irritation and comes in Black or White.

It is important to understand that we make each belt custom when ordered and although we do offer ONE free alteration, we cannot accept exchanges or returns once it has touched skin for hygienic reasons, so it is crucial to get these measurements correct to save you money and time.

We have uploaded three excellent resources for helping you correctly measure for, select and wear your new Weir Comfees Hernia Support Belt!

Questions, Comments or Concerns

If any of this is confusing, feel free to contact us at service@weircomfees.com and we will be happy to explain anything further to ensure you get the best fit possible.