Hernia Measuring Guide

Please click here to download a guide for correctly measuring when ordering your Hernia belt


Ensuring You Have Correct Measurements

Step One

Place a tape measure on a bed or the floor. Lie on top of the tape adjusting if necessary so that the tape is at the level of your stoma/hernia.

Step Two

Lie flat on your back on the tape measure. Wait about 3-5 minutes allowing the hernia to recede. Sometimes it doesn’t go much flatter.

Step Three

Put tape measure across your abdomen for the correct length measurement. Write it down.

Step Four

To find the width of the hernia support, measure from the top of the hernia to the bottom. Assuming the hernia is around the stoma this will be the width of the belt required. The width might be 4” up to 12” depending on the size of the hernia in relation to the location of the stoma. Write it down.

Step Five

To pull the pouch through the opening, the measurement needs to be specific.

  1. For a two piece measure across the opening on the barrier/flange to the outside of the plastic neck that attaches the pouch. Add ¼” to that measurement. Write it down.
  2. One piece depends a lot on the manufacturer. Keeping in mind that the pouch should lay flat on the hernia support; measure across the flange. This can be tricky. Some manufacturers have a blue line around the flange; this would be your measurement across the flange from blue line to blue line.