Choosing the Right Belt for You

Step One

Head over to the Measuring Guide (this page will open in a new window so you don't lose your place in the process) to ensure you have correct measurements as they will help you determine which belt to choose. If it is determined you have unique measurements that don’t seem to fit on our charts below, not to worry, simply email us at and we will be happy to complete your order over the phone!

Step Two

Once you’ve picked the style, you will need to use the width measurement to select one of the three groups on the products page. For this example, let’s assume you need a 6” belt. You would choose the product labelled Elastic Hernia Belts 4” 5” or 6”. Once on the product page you will choose the exact width you need; in our example, 6”.

Step Three

Once you have selected the width from the pull down menu, you will see a new menu appear for Length. Go ahead and select it now. For this example, we will choose a 37”-40” belt.

Step Four

After completing that pull down, a series of pull downs will appear asking you to select your preferred Color, Opening Size, Location of Opening and if you need a Prolapse.

Step Five

For our example, we have chosen a Regular Elastic 6” Belt that is 37”-40” in length. It is Black in colour with a 2 3/8” Opening on the Lower Third of the belt and no Prolapse. After each of these choices has been selected on the site, you will see a final price and can ADD TO CART. Continue shopping for other products or complete the checkout process immediately, but once finished and paid, your belt will be made and shipped direct to your door!