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Important Site Update


To all of Weir Comfees valued customers,

Some of you may have heard already, but very recently my husband passed away after a difficult battle with pancreatic cancer. I have invested almost 15 years into helping those with an Ostomy choose clothing, accessories and hernia supports that hopefully allowed them to achieve some level of the normalcy they felt before their surgery. I believe this was my greatest endeavor and it received my full commitment and I enjoyed the deepest satisfaction helping all of our customers, but in the spirit of returning to normalcy, I have chosen now as the appropriate time to step down.

At 77, I am retiring for a second time in my life, but as I do I am heartened to know that Weir Comfees will live on as a family enterprise in some form under the guidance of my grandson, Justin, and his partner, Aurora. I’m positive that together they will continue and expand on the foundation ideas and principles that made Weir Comfees such a success for over a decade. Many of you have already communicated with Justin over the past 5 years as he has been an integral part of my administrative team processing orders and handling much of the marketing duties via the website and this newsletter.

Currently, Justin and Aurora are traveling in Asia until the end of July, at which point they will return to Ontario to pick up where I am leaving things off and put their own unique stamp onto this business which has been my life for so many years. As of April 2, 2017 the website and phone lines will be shut down until September 1, 2017. This time will be used to develop a brand new website with proper social media integration to allow Weir Comfees to expand and modernize at a more rapid rate, which will allow us to help even more people and reach a younger audience while still continuing to offer the same exceptional products and services we always have to our current customer base. I am excited to see what they come up with and remain available to them as a consultant during the transition to ensure the values Weir Comfees began promoting will be reflected for years into the future.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve all of you and I wish to offer my deepest thanks for the past 15 years providing me the perfect cap to my working career and send off into my final retirement.

Thanks to each and every one of you, past and present.

Rosemarie Smith