About us

Weir Comfees was originally established in 1994 by Cynthia Weir. She was an Ostomate that had a vision to help provide a better life while dealing with her ostomy.

In 2002, Rosemarie Smith, took over Weir Comfees with much the same vision and with the goal to provide solutions by creating clothing and accessories that make the life of someone with an ostomy better.  Over the next 15 years the business grew exponentially thanks to her dedicated service and work ethic.

Rosemarie developed products that are suitable for a Colostomy, Ileostomy or Ureostomy. Many of her products are adaptable for those who have two ostomies.

With the passing of Rosemarie’s husband in 2017, she decided to step down and hand over the business to her grandson Justin McConkey and his partner Aurora Tibbles.

Our mission continues the vision of Cynthia and Rosemarie: make the lives of Ostomates easier through innovation and quality products. Aurora and Justin intend to reintroduce the Weir Comfees brand to a new generation of Ostomates while continuing to faithfully serve the exceptional customer base created by Cynthia and nurtured by Rosemarie.

Weir Comfees has been a leader in the Ostomy Clothing and Hernia Support fields for over 15 years with Rosemarie at the helm and we intend, through subtle updates to the product line and modernization of our web presence, to continue that trend well into the future.